Business English Coaching

Your customers, business partners and suppliers communicate with you…emails, letters, documents, telephone calls, teleconferences, meetings, small talk, training, business trips, conferences, trade fairs, negotiations: all in English of course!


I am your business English coach and will personally guide you to success in these business situations.



Where would you like to go?

The original English word “coach” describes the vehicle which takes you to your destination both safely, avoiding pitfalls and efficiently, saving you time.


You choose your aim in business and as your business English coach I take you on the most efficient way to reach it. I also pick you up where you are, that means at your current level of knowledge and skills in English and help you reach your aim.


You choose the timing and length of our appointments. This can be anything from one hour to several days.


I have a range of learning methods at my disposal, allowing you to choose the ones which best suit you to make your learning easier, pleasant and fun.


We can also change direction: if a planned route is interrupted by a diversion usually due to a business trip or presentation. I know from experience that the planned coaching can be temporarily changed and of course I also change direction to prepare you for a successful business trip or presentation.


I also appreciate that we sometimes have to speak in an important business situation before we feel ready to do so, so I offer an interpreting service for you: e.g. for teleconferences and meetings.


I understand how frustrating it is not to be able to express yourself as well in a second language as in your mother tongue, so I translate your German documents or proof-read your English documents and of course help you with any urgent or important emails in English.


No-one wants a road accident, just as no businessman or woman wants to make mistakes in important business situations. I can advise you, not only about the English language but also the skills and intercultural competencies which you need

to make a good impression of yourself and your business.